Isaac Browne
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Memorial Candles
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Bummpy Ride lit a candle on 03/12/2011: "Peace to you....Hugs"
Ldlazarus From DS lit a candle on 03/12/2011: "Love, peace and comfort to you."
MagicKingdom lit a candle on 03/12/2011: "In memory of an amazing son. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Star."
Dancingd Ds BP Site lit a candle on 03/12/2011: "Sending love and hugs to starfish.."
Raven Perez lit a candle on 03/12/2011: "May you find some comfort Star knowing that your raised a fine man and that he is finally at peace"
Tammy Murphy lit a candle on 03/12/2011: "My thoughts and Prayers are with you tonight on the 30th birthday of your son. God Bless and Comfort you."
Moom :) lit a candle on 03/11/2011: "Isaac, today would have been your 30th birthday. I wonder who you'd be today."
Ashley DS Friend lit a candle on 02/28/2011: "It is clear that Isaac is missed vry much but Eve always keep in your heart and mind he is in heaven looking down over u"
Pam German lit a candle on 11/03/2010: "You are a much loved and much remembered young man. Watch over the ones still loving you while we wait."
Isaac Brown lit a candle on 06/03/2010: "I wish you peace and comfort, Eve & family. With deepest sympathy, Gwen (friend of Lynn's)"
Isaac Brown lit a candle on 06/03/2010: "My deepest sympathies to you, Eve, for your loss. Isaac was a gifted artist and a special soul. Gwen (friend of Lynn's)"
Scott Hamilton lit a candle on 05/23/2010: "From what I have seen and heard, Issac must have been one hell of a guy, son and friend to all who knew him."
Jen Curry lit a candle on 04/21/2010: "In loving memory. Beautiful website & son."
PEPPER09mos lit a candle on 03/10/2010: "Lighting a candle to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Pepper"
Reece's Mom @. DS lit a candle on 03/04/2010: "my love and prayers are with you and your family. our boys will always be with us!"
Nicole Alexander lit a candle on 03/01/2010: "DS mom to Trenton. Our children will always be a piece of us regardless of if they are here in the flesh or not."
June Ward lit a candle on 02/22/2010: "Eve, Be encouraged by your rich memories of Isaac and his beautiful legacy of art. God bless you with courage and grace."
Gary B. Clatt lit a candle on 02/12/2010: "I remember the day Isaac handed me my fathers flag at his funeral. Isaac honered two men that day.My father and himself."
Peaceful Co lit a candle on 02/11/2010: "One day at a time...."
Justin Smith lit a candle on 12/20/2009: "Very inspirational. Motivates me to want to live my life a little bit like hi"
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